Hanuka 4 – When to Light? CORRECTION / Piyutim at the Hanuka Meals / Reciting Hanerot Halalu / Eating Cheese on Hanuka

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Monday, 18 January 2010 | AP | Hanuka

15 Kislev 5770 – Dec. 2, 2009. – Perashat Vayishlah

Our holy sages, Hazal, teach us that “one who studies [two] Halakhot daily is guaranteed a portion in ‘Olam Haba (the world to come).” -Masekhet Meghila 28b

*Ma’oz Tsur – nz”y Ribi David Kadoch s”t

Moroccan Arabic Songs Sung by 14 Year Old Yaakov Barchichat s”t

Magen Avot – e”H Ribi Mordekhai Lebhar s”t
Hilkhot Hanuka

This is a CORRECTION to what was written previously regarding “When to kindle theHanuka lights”:

The minhag is to kindle the Hanuka lights at nightfall (set hakokhavim), not at sunset (sheqi’a) (1). In most places, the lights are not, in practice, kindled exactly at nightfall because the ‘Arvit prayers are said first (2). However, some write that the original minhag in Morocco was to kindle the lights exactly at nightfall and pray ‘Arvit afterwards (3). (1) This is in accordance with the ruling of Maran (Shulhan ‘Arukh, Orah Hayim 672:1); this is also the minhag of all Sefaradim, as opposed to some Ashkenazim who kindle the lights at sunset (sheqi’a). (2) See Ribi David ‘Ovadia, Nahagu ha’Am, section on Hanuka. (3) See Ribi Yedidya Monsonego, Pirhé Shoshanim 7:11.

sur Shulhan ‘Arukh – Ribi Refael Barukh Toledano zt”l

Hilkhot Hanuka

Chapter 611 (What is forbidden and permitted on Hanuka)

7.  The custom is to recite songs (piyutim) and “songs of praise” (baqashot) at the meals of Hanuka. Thanks to these songs, the meals actually become se’udot misva (obligatory meals) {because these praises bring you closer to Hashem and this is a misva}. A person that makes a se’uda on each day ofHanuka is considered praiseworthy, and one should add something extra to the meal of Rosh Hodesh Tevet. On Shabat Hanuka one should also add a little extra to the meal in honour of Hanuka. So much the more so if Shabat Hanuka and Rosh Hodesh Tevet fall on the same day.  We do this (adding extra food) in order to publicize the miracle, because if not it would be just like any other Shabat.  In summation, any meal that you have whose purpose is to give praise to Haqadosh Barukh Hu, or to publicize miracles or misvot, is considered a se’udat misva.

The custom of Morocco was to light an olive oil candle in honour of Ribi Meir Ba’al Hanes in the synagogue on Rosh Hodesh Tevet.

9.  There are those who say that it is appropriate to eat cheese on Hanuka because the miracle began with the milk that Yehudit gave to the Greek general to drink, and because it was very rich he passed out and she then proceeded to cut off his head.

Netivot haMa’arav – e”H Ribi Eliyahou Bitton s”t
Customs of Hanuka

8. We are accustomed on the first day, after reciting the berakhot, to light and afterwards recite “Hanerot Halalu…”. On the rest of the days we recite “Hanerot Halalu…” while lighting the other candles, starting only after the first candle is lit. We do this simply because on the first day when we make a berakha and afterwards light, we do this in order to be ” ‘over la’asiyatan” and in essence we fulfill the misva after lighting the first candle.

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