Allowing the Consumption of Kidneys and Testicles / When the Bar-Misva is an Orphan L”A & Cutting His Hair

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Thursday, 29 April 2010 | AP | Bar-Misva, Kashrut/Food

15 Iyar 5770 – Apr. 29, 2010. – Perashat Emor
‘Omer: 30th day, 4 weeks and 2 days

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Magen Abot – e”H Ribi Mordekhai Lebhar s”t
Customs of Kashrut

5. Kidneys and Testicles

The minhag is to permit the consumption of the animal’s kidneys and testicles.

The Rama (Yoré De’a 74:1) mentions that some have the custom to refrain from eating kidneys and testicles, as they contain large amounts of blood. However, the general minhag is to permit them. See Bet Yosef, Peri Hadash, Mahaziq Berakha, and Kaf haHayim.

Netibot haMa’arab – e”H Ribi Eliyahou Bitton s”t
Customs of Bar-Mi

4. If the bar-misva child is an orphan, lo ‘alenu, his teacher should teach him a separate speech (derasha) called “Derashat Yatom” (The Speech of the Orphan). He is also taught to say Qadish by heart. This is because Hazal say “he was created to remember his father,” especially on the day of his bar-misva when he is becoming of age to be included for Qedusha and Minyan. See Yahadut Morocco p. 237.

6. On the morning before the bar-misva, the Hatan goes with his friends to get his hair cut. Some have the custom that he goes to the miqvé the night before and they would wash his hands and feet. This is because hair is considered “judgment” and water is “kindness” so we are taking away (cutting) the judgment and adding on more “kindness” (washing his feet/hands). See Qehilat Sfrou (Heleq 3, p. 89), Yahadut Morocco p. 226 and 231, and Qobes Minhagim (Bar-Misva).


Our holy sages, Hazal, teach us that “one who studies [at least two] Halakhot daily is guaranteed a portion in ‘Olam Haba (the world to come).” -Masekhet Meghila 28b

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