Reciting Shehe’heyanu on New Fruits During the Three Weeks

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Thursday, 01 July 2010 | AP | Kashrut/Food, Three Weeks, The

19 Tamuz 5770 – July 1, 2010. – Perashat Pinéhas

*Tish’a beAb Recordings
*Tish’a beAb – Haftarat Pinéhas w/ Berakhot (Telata dePur’anuta 1)


Netibot haMa’arab – e”H Ribi Eliyahou Bitton s”t
The Three Weeks

6) It is our custom not to eat new fruits during the Three Weeks, even on Shabat. The reason is not because these are days of mourning, but rather because these are days of tragedy and loss and one cannot say the berakha of “Sheheheyanu” where it says “vehigi’anu lazeman hazé” – “and you brought us to this time” because this is not a good time to be brought to. See QS”A Ribi Toledano zs”l p. 249, Birké Yosef by Maran haHida Siman 50:9, and Vayomer Yishaq by Ribi Yishaq Bengualid zs”l (Heleq 2 Siman 11).

Pisqé Hakhmé haMa’arab – e”H Ribi Ya’akov ‘Ovadia s”t
The Three Weeks

3. Someone who accidentally eats new fruits during the Three Weeks but does not say sheheheyanu should take a different new fruit after the Three Weeks, say sheheheyanu on it, and have in mind to include the fruit that he ate during the Three Weeks over which he did not say this berakha. There are those that hold that a pregnant woman can eat new fruits during the Three Weeks but nevertheless she should not say sheheheyanu over them. SeeVayomer Yishaq (Heleq 2 Siman 11) by Ribi Yishaq Bengualid zs”l.

6. Along with the fact that we do not say sheheheyanu from the 17 of Tamuz on, one should also be careful not to say it during the night and day of the 10th of Ab. SeeLeYishaq Reah §400:9 by Ribi Yishaq ibn Danan zs”l. 


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