Cooking Parev Food in Meat or Milk Pots (Noten Ta’am bar Noten Ta’am)

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Tuesday, 25 January 2011 | AP | Kashrut/Food, Shabat Editions

17 Tebet 5771 – Dec. 24, 2010. – Perashat Shemot
Shabat Shalom

This halakha is sponsored for the Refua Shelema of Viviane ‘Aliya bat Rena who is in critical condition and Hatinok shel Jennifer EsterMay our learning, prayers, and the zekhut of all the Sadiqim bring them a speedy and complete recovery. Amen!

Shi’ur on Moroccan Minhagim by Rosh Kollel e”h Ribi Mordekhai Lebhar s”t at Yismah Moshé in Toronto Monday nights at 8:45 :
8. Ta’aniot (Fasts)
7. Derekh haPosqim 2
6. Derekh haPosqim

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We are starting a bi-weekly Shabat Edition on topics pertaining to Moroccan minhagim based on a weekly shi’ur given by e”H Ribi Mordekhai Lebhar s”t, Rosh Kollel of YismahMoshé and author of Maghen Abot. These will be distributed in Moroccan synagogues around the world including Toronto, Montreal, Miami, and New York. To sponsor one of these Shabat Editions please visit us here. A donation of $81 is asked to cover all necessary costs including printing and distributing.

The third edition discusses the concept of Noten Ta’am bar Noten Ta’am and can be downloaded below :

Noten Ta’am bar Noten Ta’am


Our Holy Sages, Hazal, teach us that “One who studies [at least two] Halakhot (laws) daily is guaranteed a portion in ‘Olam Haba (the world to come).” -Masekhet Meghila 28b

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