Wearing Tefilin At Min’ha on Fast Days & The Tora Reading / Tiqun ‘Hassot During 3 Weeks

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Monday, 01 August 2011 | AP | Three Weeks, The

17 Tamuz 5771 – July 19, 2011 – Perashat Matot

Fast of the 17th of Tamuz

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Maghen Abot – e”H Ribi Mordekhai Lebhar s”t

Laws of Fasts

The Tora Reading on Fast Days

In the Tora reading beginning “Vayehal Moshé…,” which is read on fast days, the minhag is that when the Reader reaches the Thirteen Attributes of Mercy (beginning from “Ado-nai, Ado-nai”), he stops and the congregation says them out loud; he then reads them and continues with the rest of the reading.


It should be mentioned that this is only done on fast days, not on Shabat Perashat Ki Tisa, which contains the section “Vayehal…” which is read on fast days. See Ribi Yishaq ibn Danan zs”l (Leyishaq Reah §163), Ribi Yosef Benaim (Noheg Behokhma, p.141) and Ribi David ‘Obadia zs”l (Nahagu ha’Am, section on Fast Days).


Wearing Tefilin at Min’ha on Fast Days


The minhag is to wear the talet and tefilin at Minha on all fast days in order to complete the Mea Berakhot (one hundred blessings) that one must recite daily.


The source of this minhag is from Maran in the Bet Yosef (O”H 46), who mentions the ruling of the Sages that one must say one hundred berakhot every day. Since on fast days one loses the berakhot he would say on food, saying the berakhot on the talet and tefilin and then wearing them gives one an opportunity to say more berakhot. See Ribi Yishaq Benoualid zs”l (Vayomer Yishaq, Liqutim: section on Ta’anit §2). So is the custom in Fes (Heard from e”H Ribi Aharon Monsonego s”t), Meknes, Marrakesh, Tangier, and most other cities.


Netibot Hama’arab – e”H Ribi Eliyahou Bitton s”t

Minhagim of The Three Weeks


2. During the Three Weeks, pious people have the custom to sit on the floor daily and recite Tiqun Hasot (Tiqun Rahel) at hasot (halakhic midday) of the day. As it is said, “a thing in its proper time is good,” since these days are meant to remind us that we should be mourning the destruction of the Bet haMiqdash, therefore it is fitting and accepted to read this during the day, when we normally read it only at night. Look in Osrot haMaghreb for a commentary on the Tiqun Hasot by Ribi Yosef Elqobi zs”l of Meknes. See QS”A by Ribi Barukh zs”l (p.249), Ribi Yosef Messas zs”l in Osar Hamikhtabim (Heleq 2, §18), and Maran HaHida in Yosef Omes (Siman 21).



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