About Darké Abotenou

Darké Abotenou was started on 23 Marheshvan 5769 or Nov. 21, 2008 by two university students from Toronto, Canada with a passion for Tora and their Moroccan heritage.

The idea for this project was conceived at a Shabat table full of young Moroccans, including one of the founders. The Ba’al haBayit (the owner of the house) recited Qidush and the founder was the only one who responded “Barukh Hu uBarukh Shemo” when the name of G-d was mentioned in the berakhot (blessings).  At the end, many individuals approached him, telling him that we do not say that because it constitutes a hefseq (an interruption) in a berakha that includes you… Moroccans do not hold like this and are even obligated according to some to respond Barukh Hu uBarukh Shemo” when hearing any berakha.

Shortly after, Darké Abotenou was born with the goal of making known the precious minhagim (customs) and teachings of our Hakhamim (Sages) ’a”h whose presence in Morocco (haMa’arab haPenimi) dates back more than 2,000 years.

Since this incident, Darké Abotenou has grown immensely, B”H. Starting with only a few e-mails on our daily mailing list we have grown to over 5,000 daily subscribers in both English and French. We have created a YouTube channel to propagate Moroccan piyutim (songs) and tefilot (prayers). This channel today has 100+ unique videos totaling over 600,000 views.

The halakhot presented on this site and in the daily mailings are sourced in the following books:

* Netibot haMa’arab – e”H Ribi Eliyahou Bitton s”t

* Maghen Abot – e”H Ribi Mordekhai Lebhar s”t

* Dibré Shalom veEmet – e”H Ribi Shelomo Toledano s”t

* Yalqut Shemesh – e”H Ribi Eliyahou Ariel Edery s”t

None of these achievements could have been realized without the undivided effort of the following people :

Yosef Habib (Yossi) Azulay s”t – Main English Translator

Nathanael Marciano s”t and Ruth Cohen – Main French Translators

nz”y Ribi David Kadoch s”t – Paytan

Yishai Sion (Adam) Ohayon s”t – Founder

Ariel Picillo s”t – Founder

Reuben Abitbol s”t, Yehuda (Allen) Azoulay s”t, Daniel Belecen s”t, Moises Benchimol s”t, Nati Bentolila s”t, Ariel Di Segni s”t, e”H Ribi Avidan Elkin s”t, Michael Knafo s”t, Mickael Perez s”t, Frank Pionnier s”t, and Barak Zigdon s”t

Rbi Yishaq Elkaim zt”l (Tmanar, Ariel’s great-great grandfather)

Rbi Pinhas Abisror zt”l (Mogador, Ariel’s great great uncle)

Rbi Moshé OuShma’ya Elkaim ztq”l (Sefer To’afot Re-em) – Souss, the great-grandfather of Rbi Yishaq Elkaim zt”l

Zekhutam Tagen ‘Alenu (May their merits rest upon us)