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The reprint of the book, Darke Abotenou, the Laws & Customs of the Jews of Morocco

The reprint is here.

NEW: Darké Abotenou: Laws and Customs of the Jews of Morocco, 2nd Ed. Now in just one volume.

Our Story

The original sketch of the Darke Abotenou logo

This project began with the aim of preserving Moroccan Jewish customs and teachings of Moroccan Jewry, as the new generation seeks to reconnect with its roots. Many born outside Morocco have limited knowledge due to a lack of available resources, especially in languages other than Hebrew. To address this, Darké Abotenou was established to share the valuable customs and teachings of Moroccan Hakhamim (Sages) with a history spanning over 2,000 years.

Over time, it has grown significantly, with 9,000+ subscribers in English and French. Additionally, a YouTube channel was created to promote Moroccan piyutim (songs) and tefilot (prayers), featuring over 600 unique videos with 4,000,000+ views.

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Our Books


Darké Abotenou significantly contributes to Moroccan Jewry worldwide through our YouTube channel, which serves as a rich repository of liturgical practices. This channel has become an invaluable resource, not only for those closely connected to our tradition but also for those who may be geographically distant from it. With hundreds of videos, it fosters a deep and accessible connection to our heritage, strengthening the bonds of our global community.

A screenshot of the Darke Abotenou Youtube channel
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